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You've Decided to Sell and Move. Great!

Now What?

If you're like most Sellers, you're:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do and no idea where to even start the process

  • Worrying about losing control and the disruption to your everyday life

  • Stressing about how much of your time it will take to plan and execute the sale of your house

  • Wondering what you'll be asked to do prepare the house to sell and if you'll have the money to do it

  • Cringing at the thought of the overall cost of selling and moving

  • Anxious thinking about how you'll sort the entire house before a move is even possible

  • Relax! What You're Feeling is Totally Normal and We've Got an Easy Solution for YOU!


This turnkey course puts YOU in the driver's seat, strategically focuses YOUR time and puts more profit in YOUR pocket! Sound Good? You'll learn to:

  • Focus your time, know exactly where to start, what to do and in which order to avoid overwhelm

  • Control the process of the sale and move to minimize the impact and disruption to your life

  • Assess your own house to create a house your target buyer can't wait to buy

  • Create the task list of items that need to be addressed to minimize cost and maximize profit

  • Use the fast, easy and inexpensive updates proven to create value for your buyer

  • Avoid countless weeks or months on the market without ANY written offers

  • Organize and ensure a hassle free move to your next home

  • This can be YOU! Confident and In Control of Your Sale and Move. So, Why wait?

Picture Yourself in Your New Home, Relaxed and Happy.

Imagine that The Reason For Your Blissful State is That You Just Had A Quick And Profitable Sale Of Your Old House, And A Hassle Free Move To Your New House. Take a Breath and Enjoy this Moment! You Did It!

Sounds great, right? But, HOW will you do it?

You'll start off by transitioning your mindset from Home Owner to House Seller.  This enables you to determine a realistic budget and stick to it as you evaluate the Interior and Exterior of the house with a keen Seller’s eye. 


There will be no guesswork since you are armed with the tools that will make it easy for you to make fast decisions with effective results.  All suggested updates are pre-selected as it has been revealed what visual and cosmetic improvements to your house matter most to buyers for a fast and profitable sale.


Our unique SMART MOVES™ Method combines the preparation of the house to sell and the pack to move in one continuous process. What this means is that when the house goes on the market you are already 60% packed to move and the most difficult part of the process over! You will now be ready to accept an offer with a quick closing date.


Once the house has a ratified contract and an agreed upon closing date the rest is easy.


The move to your new home? No problem! With our guidance you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’ve vetted and selected the RIGHT moving company for you to protect the transport of your precious belongings.


You will be prepared with a moving day timeline, insider tips, suggestions and immediate solutions to issues that may arise to maximize time and create a smooth move.  

Now all you need to do is move into your new home and settle in!

This move will be unlike any you’ve ever done before!

We guarantee it!

Ready to Get Started?

It's time to take control, seal the deal, get the confidence, expertise, support and tools you need to achieve success!

Join the 1000's of Sellers using the SMART MOVES™ Masterclass to Gain the Inside Edge YOU Need to Maximize YOUR Profit and Minimize the Overwhelm of YOUR Next Move.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • LIVE feedback and individualized support from a team of Experts to stay focused and on track

  • Membership in a community of sellers going through the same process focused on the same goals

  • A master timeline and personal schedule that works for you and your life to avoid overwhelm

  • The blueprint to strategically enhance your interior and exterior to maximize your budget

  • The proven method to turn your home into a house that will appeal to YOUR ideal buyer

  • The guaranteed way to conquer your fear of getting rid of your belongings to minimize clutter and streamline packing

This course will teach you ONLY what you need to learn to be successful. Take a peek!

  • 1


    • Welcome! Start Here

    • Getting Started and Touring Your Learning Portal

    • Getting Started & Tour Your Learning Portal

    • Join Our Community and How the LIVE Q and A Calls Work

    • Download Google Drive Software

    • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

    • We’ve Got A’s For Your Q’s About your SMART MOVES Experience

    • Need More Personalized Help?

  • 2


    • Welcome to the Total Home Transition Process!

    • Overview

    • Total Home Transition Timeline

    • The Emotional Roller Coaster

    • Discover Your Mindset

    • Expectations: Seller vs. Buyer

    • The Big Three-Choosing Your Home Selling Option

    • And the Winner is…How to Successfully Identify your Target Buyer

    • Let’s Set A Date - Identifying your Photoshoot Date

    • ✔️ Pick a Photoshoot Date

    • The Dream Team - Identifying the people that will help you through the process

    • The Budget- How to adjust your perception of what you THINK that you will spend versus what you will ACTUALLY spend

    • Budget Format: Google Sheets or Excel

    • ✔️ Before the Transformation

    • Final Thoughts

  • 3


    • Transform your Mindset - The Transition from Owner to Seller

    • Overview

    • It’s Not Personal - The Key to evaluating your House Interior from a buyer’s perspective

    • The Interior Assessment

    • Interior Updates

    • First Impressions - Focusing on the importance of the House Exterior

    • The Exterior Assessment

    • To Do or Not To Do...That is the question. How to determine what changes/updates NEED to be done

    • ✔️ Create The Master Task List

    • And the winner is…How to ace the Vendor selection process

    • Trust but Verify - The importance of confirming your vendors credentials

    • ✔️ Update‌ ‌the‌ ‌Master‌ ‌Schedule

    • Final Thoughts

  • 4


    • Clearing the slate - Discover how to sort, pack and schedule vendors so that your house transitions from YOUR space to the potential Buyer’s

    • Overview

    • Come on in the water is fine - Overcoming the overwhelming fear of packing

    • ✔️ Take some time to create your household inventory list - It will keep you moving in the right direction!

    • Living Proof - Personal reflections of my success with the Home Transition process

    • Inventory: Household Documents and Personal Property

    • Meet my loyal friends - Cleaning products that stand the test of time

    • The Art of Packing - Simple ways to do it like a pro

    • ✔️ Inspiration in the midst of a challenge

    • Lose it...or LOSE IT - Saving your sanity by donating or dumping your personal belongings

    • Valuable or Not - How to enlist the feedback of experts to determine an item’s worth

    • The Truth About Storage-How to learn whether it makes sense for you

    • ✔️Rest, Relax, Recharge

    • Final Thoughts

  • 5


    • The Stage is set - Uncover the best tips and techniques to successfully stage your home

    • Overview

    • The Power of Clean - The Importance of a spotless house to your potential buyer

    • Transforming your Interior - How to Successfully Stage your house without breaking the bank

    • Interior Shopping List

    • Transforming your Exterior - How to Successfully Stage your yard without breaking the bank

    • Exterior Shopping List

    • A Rose is a Rose...Mastering the Floral Basics that will enhance your Interior and Exterior Space

    • ✔️ Lights, Camera, Action

    • ✔️ Looking Good!

    • Final Thoughts

  • 6


    • Calling all Movers and Shakers - How to stay focused while waiting for the offer, and what you need to know before hiring your Moving Company

    • Overview

    • Waiting for The Big “O”

    • ✔️ Poised for Perfection

    • Move Estimates - Become better informed about the fine print

    • Moving insurance - How to navigate the options and determine the coverage that you really need

    • Moving Resources & Apps

    • ✔️ Let’s Make a Date

    • Final Thoughts

  • 7


    • Out with the Old in with The New - How to Execute a Successful Turnkey Move from one house to another

    • Overview

    • Moving Day: Old House/New House

    • First night Panic - How to find calm as you settle into your new home

    • ✔️ Ready for a Close Up!

    • What’s in a Number - The Importance of a thorough financial reconciliation

    • ✔️ Words of Wisdom

    • Final Thoughts


Hi, I'm Caroline Carter.

,I'm the Founder and CEO of Done In a Day, a Home Transition and Move Management Company that has helped more than 2,000 families to prepare their houses to sell for top dollar and avoid the chaos and stress of moving. My reputation of being able to get the job done quickly, easily and with fiscal responsibility is hard-earned. I built this business from scratch into one of the top tier real estate service providers in the US and am honored to be considered the “go-to” expert on Home Transition. .

Regardless of price point, the Home Transition process is the same for everyone, and it is an emotional, financial and physical roller coaster. My clients have experienced incredible results and have collectively netted over a BILLION dollars in profit from their house sales - and YOU can too!

You will have my LIVE support as you successfully navigate this course. I will act as your personal behind the scenes advisor and emotional partner, sharing my proven method to empower YOU to Sell your House fast for Top Dollar, and make your next move hassle free.

You Don't Have to Go It Alone - Let's Do This Together!

What Do You Say?
Caroline Carter


We're here to help!

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts as soon as you enroll and you get access for one full year! It is a completely self paced course and you get to decide when to start and finish, and you can even go back to lessons you've completed and review again at your leisure.

  • What format is the course delivered in?

    The course includes video instruction, fun and effective assignments, questionnaires and printable resources that include valuable time and money saving options.

  • I've have signed up for programs like this in the past but they have not worked. How can I be sure this one will?

    I'm Sorry to Learn of Your Frustration - But I Can Say With Confidence that this course is unlike any other that is available. The Focus is On Both Selling your Home For More Money and Moving Without Disruption - A Total Home Transition.

  • How much time will this take?

    The choice is yours to make, as this is a self guided course that is on your own timeline.

  • What If I'm Not Creative or skilled enough to be successful?

    Great question - The beauty of this course is that it requires no prior specific training other than your own focus and dedication to the process. Everything else is provided for you with all the insider tips and suggestions to ensure your success.

  • Do I really need to spend money to learn this?

    The short answer is YES, if you are really interested in Making Money - Sounds Counter-intuitive, but not in this case.

  • I don't think I can afford this.

    I get it. Unlike other courses that are geared toward personal development and acquiring a skill, this course focuses on only one aspect of your life - the sale of your house and the move. How much is it worth to YOU to sell your house at top dollar and have hassle free move?